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        Skorpa statsalmenning



Hol association of hunting- and fishing dispose about 23 waters and rivers. Most of the waters are located in Ynglesdalen.?All our waters have varying quantity of trout.

Hallingdalselva?is located lowermost of our fishing areas. It is broad, still and contains fish of different sizes. In august when the big trout starts out from Strandafjorden, you can get life long experiences (fishes of three kg occurs). The most likely water to get fish in is probably Holsfjorden (543 m asl). It is located along road 50 after the municipal center. Most common are fishes between ½ - 1/1 kg, but bigger also occurs.

Ynglesdalen?This is probably the biggest fishing area with more than 20 waters. From thriving ponds surrounded by birch forests in idyllic mountain nature to waters in barren surroundings up under Hallingskarvet.

In the 4 waters down in the very Ynglesvatn, Turisttjern and not least Skarvåtjerna, the contains of trout are “just big enough” and you can find good fish with the finest quality. Further up, to Langetjern, Godfjelltjern and Simlenuttjern the contains of trout are much less.

Arrival: DNT (Norwegian tourism company)-path from Raggsteindalen with about 10 km walking distance to the inner waters. Path by Nedre Vierbotnvann by road 50 with distance of about 5 k to the inner waters.

Surroundnings: The waters in Ynglesdalen are surrounded of birch forest, views and parts of marshes. The inner waters are located in high mountain terrain.

Contains: In the low-lying waters exists a lot of trout. Less in the higher-level ones, with fishes up to 2 kg. In common for all the high-lying waters is that the fish is not that easy to trick. Weather and wind is determinate. But the spectacular nature up here won’t make you regret the tour.

Folarskardet 2 waters

Arrival: DNT-path from Raggsteindalen for about 6 km, a bit steep. DNT-path from Haugastøl for about 12 km with some steep walking.

Surroundings: High mountain waters in under Hallingskarvet and some out along land.

Contains: Low contains of trout, up to 2 kg.

Skorpa Statsallmenning?Tyrvlesvatn, Tyrvlestjerna, Øvre Skorpetindvatn, West and East Volavatn.??

Arrival: DNT-path from Strandavatn and up on Flyane, from there east in towards Skorpa statsallmenning and to Volavatna. Distance 9 km, some pats very steep. Path from road 50, east from Sveingardsbotn, steep up along Tyrvla, distance of about 2 km to Tyrvlestjerna. DNT-path from Geiteryggshytta by Kongsheller-hytta to Iungsdalen, passes right by Volavatna.?

Surroundings: Barren high mountain terrain.

Contains: Low contains of trout, up to 2 kg.


Arrival: Easily reached. Located along road 50, with gravel road along south side of the fjord.

Surroundings: Agriculture area and settlements on the north side and partly fir forest on south side.

Contains: A lot of trout, fish up to 5 kg.


Arrival: Located along road 7 from Kleivi and about 2 km west over towards Hagafoss.

Surroundings: Big river with uneven flow because of regulation, surrounded of leaf and softwood forest.

Contains: Low contains of trout, but chances of bigger fish. Maps and compasses should be brought. Tour map of "Hallingskarvet" from the state map set covers the whole area.

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The most important terrain of Hol association of hunting- and fishing is Ynglesdalen. It belongs to the municipal, is about 43.000 ha big and located between Strandavatn and Hallingskarvet. The field is divided in three hunting fields: Ynglesdalen east (ca. 10.000, Ynglesdalen west (ca. 14.000 ha) and Ynglesdalen ptarmigan (ca. 17.000 ha).

The association also rents two private terrains on the north side of Strandavatn, by the river Tyrvla in towards Sveingardsbotn.

Ynglesdalen east is typical willow grouse terrain with some existence of ptarmigan.

The west terrain contains some willow grouse in north and east slope parts. Most of the terrain is typical ptarmigan terrain.

The ptarmigan field is the area furthest into Ynglesdalen, located up towards Hallingskarvet. Here it is only ptarmigan.

All areas contains hare. The association sells hunting license with and without dog. The amount of cards sold is on basis of yearly consideration of animal contain.

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